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News Flash – Get your Sedona Pies now!

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News Flash, Get your Sedona Pies now! Everyone is talking about Sedona Pies, move over cakes and cupcakes, pies are taking over!.

Photo by Sheryl Curtis

I can’t speak too loudly because I have a few friends that do cupcakes and cakes. So, let’s put it this way, Pies are returning to the marketplace. WOO! HOO!

And so are we at Sedona Pies.

I was very happy about a decision AZ Senate past a Bill 4 to 2 to allow Bakers to bake at home. Not sure how it is all going to play out, however it will help me out. Even in California, you can now bake at home. Commercial kitchens were pretty non-existent in AZ. We just have to put on our labels that our baked goods, were not baked in a gov’t inspected kitchen and be registered with the state. There hasn’t been one case of someone getting sick from baked goods. Even the Health Board supported this. And kitchens are mid to high priced to rent if you can find one both in AZ and CA.

We launched a VIP Pie Club to celebrate this fact and for our pie lovers and fans. The monthly pie club or dessert club allows you to receive a pie every month delivered to you at home or in your workplacee. Your choice.

I had better get back into the kitchen and start whipping and baking some special pies for you! You can download our Brochure & Menu

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