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Tastings are happening

Tastings are happening, I have partnered up with a wine distributor and I will also be doing pie tastings for your enjoyment.

wine & pie tastings

Over the past few months I have reached out to local wine producers and for whatever reason doing a pie tasting with them has been challenging. When I was in Sedona, growing the pie business there I worked with many wineries. I sold my pies and they sold their wines. Many years ago, it used to be wine & cheese tastings then I would say why not wine & pie tastings?? Now, it’s just wine. Boring!

I just let the Universe bring me the right partners – everyone knows what a pie is and they also know how to drink wine. Even though we may not know all the rules about how to drink wine, what pares with what food, what is important in drinking wine – you’ll learn all the techiques at our tastings.

Of course this will be a fun event too! Social networking with a twist of learning about wine and dessert. There are other wine tastings happening around the country too! I would like to see this tasting event happen every week.

What other kind of tasting events could we do? Open to suggestions and ideas. Every idea and person is an opportunity – even if it’s just a new relationship to explore. What fun!

The key to me is about developing relationships and having fun while we are doing it.

Bring your Fun Vibe with you. Please RSVP for this event, it’s complimentary right now just for the first 20 people then it will be $10.00+fees. Bring your appetite with you, as you can order off of Falafel, etc menu. It’s middle eastern food. Really good!

If you have any questions please contact me.

Looking forward in seeing you again soon!

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