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Kick it up a Notch

Kick it up a Notch at the fall Wine and Food Fest sponsored by the Concierge Association of Silicon Valley is coming up on September 14.

We recommend if you want to attend, that you get your tickets today, as of September 2, they will go up to $25./person VS $10 now. We will be at #31 which is near the front gardens. Cannella Spirits will be at the same spot with me sharing their newest spirits. You’ll be able to sample the Orange Burst that I make for them. Sacrebleu which a Blueberry & Cabernet wine, and I am working on another addition to the family.

Wine fest

There will be 85 vendors including food, wine and spirits, three bands and lots of networking. For the money, it’s a great opportunity to meet people and taste some delicious food.

Get tickets on Eventbrite.

Winchester Mystery House
525 South Winchester Blvd
San Jose, California 95128

**There are no refunds and you must be 21 or older to attend. (Just due to the spirits that will be there.) ID required.

If you know anything about Sedona Pies, we are known for the spirits in our pies. Gourmet, delicious tasting pies. If you haven’t heard about us yet, shame on you! We’ve been hanging out with other Spirit makers, Wine makers and Chefs.

Got an event coming up? Like a Wedding, Business lunch or dinner? Looking for some desserts to compliment the meal or your event we can help you kick it up a notch. We also collaborate with other dessert vendors it you want something additional.

We support local producers, believe in the triple bottom line. People, Profit and the Environment.

Look forward in meeting you soon!

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