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Are you still engaged?

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Are you still engaged? Once you enter into an agreement with your clients to serve them, it also means to take care of them.

Too busy to give the very best? Most of us are busy, we want to spend more time with our clients or at least appreciating them more often. How?

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If you don’t have time or know how to do this, let Sedona Pies help you give the very best. A gift that means the most to your clients. Not every client is the same, however they share the same values as you do. Why not reward them for their business and referrals?

Business will stay and continue to stay where it is appreciated and valued.

Let Sedona Pies be your go to partner in keeping everyone engaged with you.

If you aren’t appreciating and giving the very best of you and your services they have likely moved on to someone else who care more. Did you know that 68% of business will leave if they don’t feel appreciated?

If giving a pie of the month is too much there are other gifts and touch points you can give, we can help you to keep on being engaged.

The secret to enjoying life and your business is to take an interest in it.” by Thomas Troward

What does engagement mean?

To participate or become involved in: organizations engage in a variety of activities, establish a meaningful contact or connection with: to engage with local communities.

The chance to engage in many social activities: participate in, take part in, join in, become involved in, go in for, partake in/of, share in, play a part/role in; have a hand in, be a party to and enter into an agreement. Once you enter into an agreement with your clients to serve them, it also means to take care of them.

What do you value? What message do you want to deliver to your current and future clients?

Let us know how we can partner up with you.

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