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Welcome to the Sedona Pie company the Pielette. After looking for a way to add another size, a friend of mine sent me a video in how to make mini pies.

Peach Pielette

After some experimentation, and creating a new flavor for Mike & Niki’s honey I came up with a new flavor for them. Peaches, honey & rum. The first batch that I made worked out well, perhaps dark rum next time. People loved them!!

The maiden batch was Strawberry & Rhubarb called Blissful, a variety of tops, a friend of mine asked me where is the happy face? I added some happy faces to the Niki & Mike’s pies. You’ll see them in the picture.

In making them, discovered that fruit fillings work out the best. There is a Show Special for September:
3” size each $2.99
12 for $32.95 (1 free)
24 for $62.40 ( 2 free)

+ Blueberry & Red wine – Scrableu
+ Mixed Berry & Red wine – Hello Mello
+ Strawberry & Rose wine – Red
+ Apple & Beer Sedona Spirit
+ Strawberry & Rhubarb – Blissful
and seasonal fruit like peaches, pears, and nectarines.

They are perishable, either eat right away or refrigerate.
This offer expires September 30, 2017 (Wholesale inquiries welcomed)

This show special will start being offered at the Fall Wine & Food Fest September 14th. Noted in the previous post.

If you want to support Sedona Pies, please order often, refer us to your friends and colleagues and anyone who would interested selling them for a Fundraiser or coffee bar.

Excited to offer this new size and invite you to buy and give them a whirl, they are delicious!!

We’ve also been doing Wine & Pie Tasting events..Stay tuned to more events that are coming up. That’s all on this notice.. we are becoming busier.


Until next time have a delicious week!

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