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Our Fundraising Bake Sale

Our Fundraising Bake Sale was inspired by the Fair trade bake sale, they are calling for a national month for a bake sale in October.

Fair trade bake sale is about supporting fair trade and giving back. According to Wiki “Fair Trade USA, formerly “TransFair USA” is a 501 non-profit organization, that sets standards, certifies, and labels products that promote sustainable livelihoods for farmers and workers and protect the environment.

Although I applied to be a part of it, Sedona Pies are not listed on their map. Even though we are not Fair Trade Certified, I still believe in supporting the farmers and growers who produce products to protect the environment and their workers.

Our two day bake sale starts on

Sunday, October 29 & Monday October 30th.

When you buy a pie or two or three from us we are going to donate 15% to the keep feeding the people from the Sonoma fires.

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Our Mission: “Feeding the hungry one pie at a time.”
Sedona Pies three P’s are People, Profit and Purpose

If you would like to do your own fundraiser please sign up as an Affiliate earn 15% of your sales.

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Creative Director of Sedona Pies, sharing a slice of Kindness by contributing a percentage of the sales to feed the hungry one pie at a time.
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