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Adopted 52 Grandparents

Sedona Pies Adopted 52 Grandparents, those who are either forgotten about or just don’t have enough friends and family who visit. Gave gifts from the heart.

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“The kids and parents really enjoyed being part of the event today. Even though we only had a few students that could join it really was a school effort : ) We are from Ramblewood Elementary School in the Franklin McKinley School District. Happy Holidays!” Melissa Balamurugan, Teacher.

My introduction:

They launched a school wide fundraiser for blankets. We are a small school and are hoping to get 100 blankets. We gave the residents a blanket, homemade cookies, fun hats and cards made by the students and the neighbors. We sang Christmas songs and spoke to many of the residents.

One of the gals “Hilda – was overcome with the attention and the thoughtfulness of all of us to her.” She kept asking our names, as she couldn’t remember, she loved the blanket as it was nice and warm. When we went from room to room saying Merry Christmas to each on of the patients, some were sleeping and overwhelmed with the attention they received.

Thank you goes out to Mela, the activity coordinator at Mount Pleasant Nursing Home who let us come by yesterday. I also like to Thank the 52 Adopted Grandparents, for letting me to come bring they some cheer.

I know many of the people on Nextdoor wanted to see pictures of the patients, to respect their privacy, I am not posting their pictures. I did post a group picture here. If you would like to see more pictures, Mary Lynn Pelican was our photographer and you can view them on Facebook.

It was great to see all the parents who came out and took pictures as well. It was a PJ day at school. Thank you Grade 5’ers.

Thank you Mary Lynn Pelican & Carol L. Goedde for making this such a fun event. They are Fun Ambassadors. We were all there as Santa’s Elves.

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