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Pies: A Socially Conscious Business

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Pies: A Socially Conscious Business, got started when Mercedes Warrick, when we were talking about “What makes my soul to sing?” And I replied, Sedona Pies.

My plan for Sedona Pies is it’s a vehicle for Social Change. The cause would be feeding the hungry. Mercedes said to me “Why isn’t there anything on your site about this?” Hence “We feed the hungry one pie at a time.

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Mercedes Warrick has an Achievement Sanctuary for visionaries who want to achieve their dreams.

When I started Sedona Pies, I started doing the traditional way to market and sell “Pies.” Through all the challenges of doing thing is apparent sometimes we need to remain open to other opportunities that can help us advance our projects/businesses.

Some of the other things I would like to do with Sedona Pies:
✓ To hire people who would like to learn a new trade – not just anyone, the people at risk – youth or those who need a second chance
✓ Offer Marketing Coaching/Training to Food Entrepreneurs.

What’s my experience in this? In one of my other lives I have coached hundreds of new Entrepreneurs even a co-authored a book called Build Your Own Business. (this was over 10 years ago) I continue to mentor Artists in a Linkedin Group as they develop and sell their art.

Look at what Paul Newman he has been able to achieve in making a difference with his Food distribution? This is another business model. To have world wide distribution of Sedona Pies and give back to food banks, food pantries, setting up a foundation to provide scholarships to Entrepreneurs who want to pursue their passions. This appeals to me.

Here I am, writing about the direction I see Sedona Pies is going and my intention in starting this business. No, I am not interested in being a non for profit, I would spend more time in the paperwork than getting what I really want to accomplish.

As a Socially Conscious Business, I want to be serving the customer and the cause that I have selected to work with, People, Profits and the Environment/Community. The page called the Power of Love can be found on this site. It talks a little about our cause of choice.

By buying local as much as possible is important as well. The Wine, Beer, Spirits, Fruit, Nut producers keeps more money in the community.

My 1st cause was in 2001 – Kindness. By giving Kindness an opportunity to work for you in your workplace, your community, your home, your relationships it all can work wonders to heal the hurt and pain of working together. This is all possible. I have seen it work very well. In 2011 this is what our customers/clients want more of us to be: Kind and Nice it’s just good business sense anyway, don’t you think?

I challenge you to write about your business and passions – sometimes it’s not always about the profits. Are you willing to be open to other opportunities? Or to be of service?

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Creative Director of Sedona Pies, sharing a slice of Kindness by contributing a percentage of the sales to feed the hungry one pie at a time.
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    It was a splendid afternoon with you….. Product, Profit, Prophet and Purpose…. Thank you Mari-Lyn!

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