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Why Celebrate PI Day?

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Why Celebrate PI Day? It’s about a circle in mathematical formulations. PI is now celebrated with pies. Traditionally, PIs are fruit pies, like pecan, apple, pumpkin, mixed berry, strawberry & rhurbarb.

Only 13 Days away!
Say Pie.

We at Sedona Pies, encourage you to celebrate with a sweet pie share with your friends and co-workers, enjoy a one-of-a-kind pie. Your friends and co-workers will appreciate you even more.

If you want to know more about the mathematical pi, read this article

Just search Google to find other articles about why we celebrate PI day. Here’s what we wrote last year.

The most popular pies ordered for pie day are:

Pecan Pie – try our Tequila pie called Delicious

Strawberry & Rhubarb Pie made with Rose wine, called Blissful

Mixed berry Pie made with Merlot wine, called Hello Mello

Apple Pie made with beer called Sedona Spirit

Four great flavors that will inspire you, to help you to bring your friends and family together.

Let’s celebrate PI day and be kinder to each other.

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  1. Arthur Morehead
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    I love the thought of combing pie with alcohol it sounds great to me even though I don’t drink. However, a well-designed wine and homebrew are very hard for me to pass up. To me, this is more about the flavor than the alcohol. So would that make it ok for me to spoil myself with it? After all once cooked there’s not much alcohol content left in it Am I correct?

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