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What Makes Us So Different?

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What makes us so different? I’ve put together some questions to help you decide what you would like to buy. Besides just for special occasions, we been known to work for other events.

Ask yourself what my customers think about your _______?
Pies: My customers love my pies..the raves I have gotten, and reviews really help. don’t forget to write a review on Yelp or Google

Why is your product _____ is not a luxury?
Pies: Sedona Pies aren’t a luxury because they are naturally sweetened. No sugar in the fruit pies. Currently use Agave for the Beer pies. If you want a dessert that is healthy you need to ask yourself is your healthy worthy of one of Sedona Pies? Who want’s to eat a pie full of chemicals and preservatives?

What made you choose _____ as your product?
What is the story behind your idea to start a business using your food product?
Pies: Pies chose me, if I could make a pie that tastes great – full of love and you couldn’t wait to have a slice or two why shouldn’t I explore in sharing my delicious pies and flavors?
Read more in About us.

What inspires you in life?
Other peoples stories and their successes. How they have overcome obstacles and challenges to bring success to themselves. My God source of inspiration and to make a a difference for someone else. Life is Beautiful!

What would you like to share with “out of the box” thinkers who might want to have something new?
Try it, it won’t hurt, you’ll experience something memorable. Joyful!

Where can we get your pies? Are they in stores, cafes or the farmers markets?
Right now, you can order online or call us 510-320-8332 to order. We are working on independent coffee bars and other speciality stores.

What events or promotions do you have coming up? How are you planning or marketing your product?

Currently, I am focusing on getting ready for independent coffee shops. I have a few other invites that I need to respond to before announcing them.

Who are the people who buy your pies?

People who are health conscious, who LOVE Pie and just haven’t found one that they truly like. I have found they are women, 50+ the Boomers. (I do have a few younger fans). Trying to win their man’s heart, through their stomach and the love of pies. Want to send something special to their clients.

My friend Gordon a PR guy, when we 1st talked, he asked my what I offer and what’s so different about my pies? My answer was simple I make them out of wine & beer.. oh..Then I went on to describe them to him. Gordon and I met, I gave him a tin of samples so he could try them out. From our conversation he got me a gig on Heidi’s Radio Show “Into the soup.”

I bring this up so that you can think about why someone else would be interested in our products. I know with food products we spend a fair amount of time doing product development..which is needed. However, we also need to think about our marketing, where else can we be?

Have any questions? Or suggestions? Leave a comment and I will get back to you.

I entered into a business grant from Fedex. Please vote for us, everyday until the end of April, 2018.

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