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Spread a Little Sunshine

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Let’s spread a little sunshine. There is a fundamental thing about spreading sunshine around that will affect your food career more than getting a feel good out of it.

what makes you smile

You probably have heard about the universal law that when we give, it comes back to us ten fold. Try this. Go through your things an make a Goodwill run. Don’t do it for a tax write off, do it for the simple pleasure of giving.

Even better, find the kitchen tools you are no longer are using, perhaps you have some spoons, spatulas, bowls or other tools of your craft that you don’t need and give them to an new baker or cook who can’t afford them.

How can we change the Foodie world? One foodie at a time.

  • Give free cooking or baking advice to newbies
  • Offer mentoring help or to write press releases for them
  • Give books away
  • Go the extra mile to help other new cooks or bakers
  • Loan someone a tent if they are doing an farmers market
  • Give pointers how to display their food for the best presentation

Thanks for pitching in and lending your support of your fellow foodie in your community. If we all did a little bit, we would become a very supportive place to be.
Here’s some other ideas http://www.sproutscookingclub.org/donate/

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