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Why have an Appreciation System?

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Why have an appreciation system? The best reason is because you truly appreciate customers and clients.But the second reason is just as powerful, even if not as morally upstanding- money.

Clients who feel appreciated stay with you longer, spend more, and refer your business more often. All that translates directly to the bottom line.

Appreciate those who give you money
Depending on your generation, the words ‘Thank you” may or may not be part of your regular language.

Why have an Appreciation System? 1

Sadly, with the advent of the digital age, these simple words, or the actions that reflect their meaning, have disappeared from our day to day habits. Very few people appreciate anything.

Even worse, the words, and appreciation, have disappeared from our business life.

What is ‘Thank You’?
It’s appreciation. A recognition that someone else understands you and wants to recognize the part you play in their life. They are grateful. Thankful.

Why be thankful?
Ask a random group of employees who writes their paycheck and the answer, 99% of the time, will be ‘someone in HR’ or accounting or payroll. But reality is much different.

Everyone in a company is paid by the customers! Without customers, there would be no paychecks, no company, and no job. Yet, companies, through their employees and systems, show little respect for this relationship. Employees feel put out for just having to work- what’s to appreciate?- and customers feel this.

Have you ever been in a store where employees are joking and laughing with each other, even on the phone, while taking money from a customer or client?

Customers and clients know when they have been disrespected and vote with their feet. You may never see them a second time. And unhappy customers will gladly relate their story to 27 of their friends. How will that help sales?

Want more loyalty and trust?
Customers who are appreciated feel better, are more loyal, and actually more forgiving when an issue does arrive. Read that again. People who have been shown appreciation are more liable to give you and the company the benefit of the doubt when there is a problem. How cool is that?
This is one reason a system of appreciation needs to be in place, not just a one- off ‘Thank You’.

Written by Mark Mehling of Tablet Marketing

Sedona Pies has a Thank you System to help you to increase the loyalty with your employees and customers.

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