How to get high paying clients with Pies

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How to get high paying customers with Pies. The pies are vehicle to show your appreciation of your client’s business, this seals the trust they have with you. Due to the Facebook data scandal, it’s a catalyst to help you to build stronger relationships with your customers. We have to start treating our customers as people not a target on a sheet of paper or how you use the words … Read more

Why Sedona Pies offers a Private Label

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Why Sedona Pies offers a private label strategy for you? By creating a private label product, you are keeping your company name active in the marketplace and with your customers. 1. The more people who know about you and like what you offer will buy from you. 2. With private label branding, you create your own unique brand, which begets a marketing identity which promotes stronger customer recognition and loyalty. … Read more

How to Fix a Store Bought Pie

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How to Fix a Store Bought Pie. Are you someone who likes to bake pies? If you are but just can’t seem to find the right pie pastry recipe and wants to learn how to bake them easily. There are hundred’s of recipes aren’t there, but how do you know which pie recipe will really work. I know, I’ve been there. That’s why I decided to make up my own … Read more

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