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Why Sedona Pies offers a Private Label

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Why Sedona Pies offers a private label strategy for you? By creating a private label product, you are keeping your company name active in the marketplace and with your customers.

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1. The more people who know about you and like what you offer will buy from you.

2. With private label branding, you create your own unique brand, which begets a marketing identity which promotes stronger customer recognition and loyalty.

3. The packaging and labels are tailored to meet your specifications, including product name, description, company’s logo and contact information.

4. Your private label pie is only available from you, other customers or your competition can’t go to another website or store to get what you have.

Personalize your Thank you’s to your customers. Personalization is the key in gaining customer loyalty. Plus, it’s boosts your ROI. The happier your customers are the more they will become an advocate for your brand.

Do you Love your name?

Let’s share your name more often. Start by ordering a Private label Pie for your company. It’s easy to do. Sedona Pies offers several ways in which we can do this together.

Got a wedding coming up?

How about a conference or meetings coming up?

Customers to thank? Check out our customer loyalty program.

More and more people are thinking about doing things out of the box, not just doing what everyone else is doing. You, as a business owner must stand out, be special by offering something unusual to your customers or guests.

For Weddings, Conferences or meetings, people are expecting more than the usual, of cookies and pastries being served.

Since Sedona Pies already offers unique pies, why not create your own uniqueness with your own customized pie? That’s right, create your own unique flavor and share your name.

Let’s share your name together!

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