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How to get high paying clients with Pies

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How to get high paying customers with Pies. The pies are vehicle to show your appreciation of your client’s business, this seals the trust they have with you.

Due to the Facebook data scandal, it’s a catalyst to help you to build stronger relationships with your customers. We have to start treating our customers as people not a target on a sheet of paper or how you use the words to describe your customers. They all have feelings, good intentions to buy from you. When you misplace that trust they go else where. This is what is happening on Facebook. The question is where do they go and can Zuck get them back?

In order for you to keep getting high paying clients or repeat business what are you doing for them to keep thinking of you? Usually you see this kind of question if you are offering a coaching practice, it applies to any business owner or a person in sales who wants to struggle less or do less pushing to keep your current clients and get them to refer.

Buying a pen or some promotional item with your name on it, may remember you, does this speak the message that you want to be known for? Is this a relationship maker?

I’m at the point of, if I have to keep pushing or I’m not having fun anymore then what’s the point? Clients’ want to support you, if you are making it hard to them to do business with you why should they bother to order or hire you?

How are you showing your appreciation for them?

The simple truth is, that each client of yours can be a great ‘Referral Partner’” if they feel appreciated!

My question for you is…

Do you have a clearly laid out system for building client relationships?

More importantly, are you working that system and doing the proper follow-up and appreciation?

Are you reaching out to them at their level or interests, have you personally asked them?

If you are ready to be better connected to your clients then you’ll think about how Sedona Pies can help you seal the deal. Call us 510-320-8332

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