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How to Fix a Store Bought Pie

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How to Fix a Store Bought Pie. Are you someone who likes to bake pies? If you are but just can’t seem to find the right pie pastry recipe and wants to learn how to bake them easily.

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There are hundred’s of recipes aren’t there, but how do you know which pie recipe will really work. I know, I’ve been there. That’s why I decided to make up my own recipes.

You’ve give up in frustration because your pies or fillings or recipes you do get just fall short of your expectations. I’ve been there too!

Or how about you go to the store to buy a pie, only to discover all those extra ingredients and you wonder why do they have to be in the pie? Yep, I’ve been there too!

Especially, when you are allergic to most of the extra added ingredients. OK, the pie is inexpensive. Who wants to serve the store bought pie and eat it with all the extra ingredients like high glucose syrup, or benezin..words I can’t even say. Let’s just say, they’re preservatives.

A friend of mine called to say that at a meeting someone brought in a store bought pie – she thought OK, I’ll try it. Later she got sick from even having a small slice of it. (I guess this could happen to us, even with our own cooking)

I was speaking to an industry guy and he said, “The shelf life of a pie needs to be stabilized for at least 90 days.” Of course I told him, that my pies will remain fresh for 7-10 days as long as they are in the fridge. Oops, my pies I guess won’t make it the retail trade. I don’t add any additional preservatives to the pies I bake.

What is the answer in fixing a store bought pie?

Make your own. Or buy from Sedona Pies.

As the Pie Princess I’ve created a Pie Membership Club. You’ll learn how to make gourmet, healthy pies. Naughty ones too! Why not? You might as well have fun while you are making them.

Get M.A.D. – Make a difference for yourself and your family.

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P.S. Never refuse homemade pies made with honest ingredients.

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