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Mother’s Day Pie

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Got your Mother’s Day Pie?

Looking for something special for your Mom on Mother’s Day?

Celebrate the day with a Sedona Pie.


Saturday May 8 – The National Letter Carriers are doing a Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. Not only can you leave a bag of non-perishable food items by your mailbox. Your letter carrier will pick it up and deliver to a local food bank or pantry!

Cool hey?

Since the Food Bank or Food Pantry is my cause that I support. Not only will I give the Food Bank $2.00 for every pie you buy, when giving to your Mom or Wife or someone special. I am quite sure she would be delighted to have a pie and you will feel great that you are helping someone else to eat.

This MOTHER’S DAY OFFER is good for the SF Bay area, Pick up Orders only, Sorry! Just call the Pie Princess 510-320-8332

When you order your pie by clicking here, once your pie is delivered I will give you, your $2.00 back. It’s simple.

Thank you,
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P.S. The Letter Carriers ask that you do not include items that have expired or food items in glass containers.

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Creative Director of Sedona Pies, sharing a slice of Kindness by contributing a percentage of the sales to feed the hungry one pie at a time.
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