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Father’s Day Pie Contest

Father’s day pie contest. Looking for a Father’s Day Gift? How about a Beer Pie! As a reminder it’s on June 17th.

June is soon upon us, WOW where is the time going? It’s going to where we spend our time at. I have recently, re-acquainting myself with the Law of Attraction, listening to Rhonda Byrnes – “The Secret” audio’s. Then a friend introduced me to a book “Wildly Wealthy” by Sandy Forester..I haven’t gotten the book yet. Maybe I’ll do a book club on this topic.

I am a HUGE believer in Paying it Forward..whether you buy a pie from Sedona Pies or you go out and do good deeds for the men in your life or a complete stranger. So, often we forget others and it’s it nice to have someone do a special kind deed for you. The feeling you get when you do something nice for someone else gives you a little high! The Power of Love is working.

Send us your Good Deed, the winner will be selected based upon how it inspires us

The Winner selected will receive a Gift from us!

As you pay it forward to the Man in your life or Men in your life..Have fun and enjoy your experiences.

Happy Baking!

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