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What if you could be more memorable?

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What if you could be more memorable? How often do you say Thank you, not Thank you, for your business But, really appreciating your customers.


Why don’t more businesses, Entrepreneurs or owners show their appreciation for the sales they just received? Sometimes, I get a sense that the business owner thinks, “It’s a good thing that I provide _____ what I do.” It’s because of your customers you are still in business. It’s a two fold. I hear a real lack of appreciation from the business for their customers sometimes. Why?

If you really want to be more memorable express to your customers more than a saying “Thank you for your business.” Everyone can say this. It’s just not memorable enough.

What if you are wanting new employees what are you doing different to attract them? How are the people looking for extra money or a better opportunity finding you?

I found this article about saying Thank you, thought you would enjoy it. Different ways to say Thank you

What if there were a way to brand yourself to make sure your best clients NEVER forgot your name?

What if you could give a branded pie that allowed for a 100% tax deduction as a gift.

My goal is to help you build long lasting relationships through the art of strategic customer care. Longer lasting relationships will yield higher client retention rates and who doesn’t want higher a client retention and more referrals?

Being more memorable would be saying Thank you with a Sedona Pie. Branded with your name on it, from you.

Don’t take your satisfied clients for granted – you’ve worked hard to close the sale, and we all know that repeat business is far more profitable than churning through new prospects.

Let us at Sedona Pies help you to say Thank you and become more memorable to your customers.

Sedona Pies stand is being Responsible.Memorable.Delicious.

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