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Positively Inspirational Encouragement = P.I.E.

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Positively Inspirational Encouragement = P.I.E. My friend Vincent Wright sent this over to me, it’s a wonderful thought and quote how anyone can think of it, and be uplifted in some way.


Life is pretty good.

Little messages that inspire you to grow is always welcomed. If seen some really good ones mostly about family. “Count your blessings.” “Be grateful for the life you have.” “Family are the friends you chose to have in your life.” What’s your favorite?

I am looking for some ideas for Pie Club members if you have any let me know, or maybe you have a complimentary product we can collaborate. Be sure to let me know..

Shipping, I know people are asking for me to ship outside of California, I would be happy to, I’ve tried USPS, every time I have had to make a claim. Crazy. Decided to go back to my original containers, which are food grade tins. The service provider will depend upon where the order is going to be shipped to. No deliveries to Box #’s. There is more information

If you have any questions about ordering and shipping, just reach out.

Happy Baking!

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