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Customer Appreciation with Love

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The season of customer appreciation is almost here for giving your annual gifts or give a holiday event, to thank them. What if you could do better?

I know not everyone does this, why should you? At every sale you could put away 5-10% towards a customer appreciation fund, you’ll  be well on your way to growing your business .

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At a meeting this morning, the discussion was about “How could a new business owner or entrepreneur get new customers?”  Several ideas came up. What if you don’t have a budget, what can you do?

  • Grassroots – meaning networking, asking people for help, cold calling, post on social media anything that doesn’t cost a lot of money.
  • Hire a mentor
  • Know who your customer is
  • What service or product are you selling and why
  • Know what your message is – get feedback of how it sounds
  • Get your foundation in order 1st

These are all great answers they are based upon what they did when they first got started. Some of the answers I found rather old. Some still beneficial.

My answer is that you work with the people you already know. They would be your friends and family if you don’t have any clients. If you have a few, besides a newsletter be sure to call or mail out a Thank you card to them. 

Maybe this is your starting place a newsletter, a blog, offering complimentary strategy sessions, getting into a Mastermind group or a collaboration group. As freelancers, or entrepreneurs accountability is something we all need.

 How would you like more sales, referrals, better relationships with your current customers?

Most of us even if we are starting out would like a better ROI in our business.  Join a Mastermind group about “How to make money with your rolodex.”

Why am I writing about this on Sedona Pies?

As a business owner myself I am always looking for mentors, or people who can help me grow beyond from where I am now.  This group will give you support and accountability to you as you start and grow your sales, referrals and to find collaborators. Come join me if you are ready for something more.

It’s about how you are appreciating your customer. Now, I am asking for your help – do you know any one who gives their clients personal gifts to say “Thank you, for supporting me?”  I appreciate you.

If so, call me. 510-320-8332.

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