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How to stand out from the crowd

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How to stand out from the crowd is about a new relationship strategy. Someone has likely asked you what is your marketing strategy is for 2019 by now.

I was asked this by Brian today as we were trying to remember how we were connected – we met for coffee the second time. He asked me what networking groups am I joining or going to. I said currently only one. CF3. I am thinking of maybe joining another group.

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How many people who you have met, have called you or invited you out to a meeting or just coffee? I said to Brian, out of all the people of whom I have met over the years, let’s just do 2018. How many people have called me? I said, I’ll give it 2 people. This is to illustrate that these 2 people called outside of a group meeting. These are people who for whatever reason, want to know how I am doing, what’s going on, or ask me what can they do to help me.

Brian acknowledged too, that he hasn’t had that many people to call him either.

I ask why is that?

Some of us like, myself are more likely to reach out to show that we care. Others, could care less. Some have good intentions – just don’t quite make it. Or some have gotten scared of picking up the phone.

I told Brian that my marketing time besides being at the Farmers markets, doing pop-ups and events – I’ll be reaching deeper into my contact base to help people think of Sedona Pies for their next event, for Birthdays, by staying in touch with people.

For example, Maralyn Hill, she’s glad that I called her, she said, “By me calling people it gives them a ray of sunshine.” This was so sweet of her to say. She wasn’t feeling very well. I really hope she gets better soon. She wrote my first pie review, we’ve gotten to be friends since then. I mailed her a get well card.

Another gal, was about to have surgery, was very glad that I called. I mailed her a get well card.

Even in our own darkest hour we can reach out to someone else, just to say hello and help them feel better. Brian Sherrington, who taught me that anytime he was depressed about something, to feel better he would go out and help someone else.

Now sure what your strategy is this year, I hope that you would be willing to call 5 -10 people in a week, just ask them How can I help you?”. Do not ask for help for yourself, don’t ask for a referral. Just be in service to them. 20% of the people you talk to will want to reciprocate anyway. You never know, you might be on to something.

I’d like to invite you to CF3– it’s an open networking group on the first Friday of every month. Feb 1. 7:15am at Denny’s 1140 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose. No fees, just buy your breakfast. CF3 the group has been around for a few years, you are welcome to come.

If by chance you want to call me and practice making your check in calls, I can be reached at 510-320-8332. Love to hear from you.

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