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Looking to be Remembered?

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Looking to be Remembered? I think we can all agree we want to have more fun, joy and create memorable moments in our lives including to increase our sales.

Old habits are hard to break especially if we are so used to just doing networking events, prospecting, emailing people are latest thing for sale.


What can help us get what we want?

Try this. You may or may not know, I decided to spend more time with people I have already met helping them think of Sedona Pies for their next event or to give as a “Thank you,” to their clients.

It’s been interesting, as I went through all my business cards of people of whom I have collected, I’ve called them for a check-in call to see if they want to stay in touch. Some do, some don’t, so what next!

Out of the blue today alone, I was asked by two organizations to donate to their events, one was a fundraiser and the other was having a PI day at their office. If you are a Realtor or office having a party you can certainly buy the pies. As for the organization, sure it’s a fundraiser.. last week I was asked to donate tarts for another fundraiser. I have nothing against people asking for donations and it’s good that people do. Please don’t tell a small business owner they are going to get exposure. The exposure most of the time doesn’t bring in sales or recognition. Or how will they remember ______ the business. This isn’t enough value for a small producer like me to say yes. It’s about the relationship you have with me.

My answer is “I tally up my sales at the end of the year, I then give 5% away to a charity.” This is how I donate.

My calls have been great! One gal we ended up talking for 1.5 hours. Other people maybe 5 minutes. The rest of them, I threw out. If I haven’t spoken to them in a year, it’s not likely they want to stay in touch. That’s ok!

Relationships Matter

80% of the time it’s about relationships in growing your business. 20% of the time it’s about marketing your products or services.


Google and Social Media have changed everything. People know about you, your products and services already.

+ Poor relationships will break your business faster than a positive, caring one.

+ Customers will likely post at negative review 11x more than a positive one

+ 65% customers leave their service provider because they don’t feel don’t cared about. (this goes beyond just the sale)

+ The best referrals are the unsolicited ones

I hope this gave you some ideas for what to do with your business cards you’ve collected, the relationships you have now and about asking for donations. (what’s the value you are returning to the person or business?)

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