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What’s been the best way to WOW your customers?

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This question was asked on Alignable, of “What’s the best way to wow your customers,” there were well over 1,000 answers.

Patrice DeHaven from CARRIED AWAY Gifts
Providing great customer service is a given, but that’s not good enough any longer. I have a few gifting programs that provide little touches and puts your name in front of the client when they least expect it.  

Hello Mello tarts
A Birthday and Gift of the Month Program are my most popular. Think about it, we don’t even receive birthday cards any longer. How special they feel if you send a little something.  

Instead of sending/thanking at holiday time, send at Thanksgiving, it’s a time to be thankful, I bet your gift will be the only one and you’ll shine all by yourself. Better yet send a little something every month.   

Patrice’s answer was very clear. The usual customer service factor isn’t enough to wow your customers.

One thing I like to do for my wonderful and amazing customers is not just tell them how much I appreciate their business, but also show them how much I appreciate their business by giving back to them a token of my appreciation. Some of the ways I do this is by asking them what’s their favorite restaurant in town and then I’ll buy them a gift card with a hand written thank you card that reads “Enjoy a dinner on us” or sometimes I’ll send them to a day spa for a mini vacation away from stress. I’ve even sent customers out on the Oddesy Dinner cruise in Boston which they absolutely loved. People don’t remember things, they remember moments, give them a moment they’ll cherish forever.

Ken Marter from Great Harvest Bread Co. Ashburn Virginia
We make sure the every customer is greeted within 5 seconds of walking in the door. We offer free slices of our products and you have to have the right people in place that understand what there jobs are; taking care of the customer. When we do not have the bread selection they originally came in for, we recommend a comparable product, engage them in conversation to find out if they were looking for a sweet bread, savory bread or a sandwich bread. Ask what they are using it for and most people will walk out with a loaf.

Dawn Fitchett Fernandes from Faith Graphix – Printing You Can Trust
To be truly successful, innovative business people must learn the art of Positively Outrageous Service -doing the unexpected unexpectedly and giving the customer more than he or she could hope for.

When a customer has an unexpected positive service experience, they can’t help but say, WOW! And, this is the best part…they are compelled to talk about it.

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