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Here’s 10 Tips about Food Truck Catering

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Here’s 10 Tips about Food Truck Catering, things you need to plan for, in your private functions.

If you are wondering why I am writing about Food Trucks when I don’t have one – I hope it helps you in your planning of your catered events. Many people think of let’s bring them on.. it’s true bringing a kitchen right to your door is a great idea, there are things you need to do too!

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1. Obtain all the permits and insurance you will need. Organizers should make sure food trucks have the necessary permits and insurance to operate. Planners should also have insurance that covers any potential mishaps at an event, which may be trickier than it sounds. “It differs so much with every city, county and state.”

2. Read your contracts carefully.
There is no one standard contract for food trucks, and juggling the details can be challenging when hiring multiple food trucks for one event.

3.Determine where the food truck will be located at the venue.
Not all venues lend themselves to food truck catering.truck cannot climb hills with 30 percent grade or higher so as not to ruin the back end of the truck. “It is slow with all the equipment it holds inside and we’d rather be safe than sorry.”

4. Choose the menu carefully.
Streamlining the food truck’s usual menu at events, or even asking for new dishes. Some Food truck operators can customize for events. Just ask!

5. Calculate how much food you will need.
One of key questions for food truck operators is: “How many people can you feed in X amount of time?” The answer will let planners know how many food trucks they will need.

6. Use food trucks strategically.
Use food trucks in combination with a traditional caterer. Another possibility is to hire a traditional caterer for a meal but then add on an array of specialty food trucks for craft beer service or desserts.

7. Figure out when food trucks should arrive.
The extra hour gives operators enough time to set up any signage, canopies or overhangs, or trash cans.

8. Spell out what you want—and don’t want—trucks to provide.
Planners should organize and create custom signs to display the menu’s. The host should also provide plates, napkins and other items to serve your customers if it’s a private event.

9. Think about some ideas to keep the lines moving.
An event’s host should consider streamlining a food truck’s full menu for large events to prevent guests from waiting in line.

10. Decide who will handle trash and cleanup.
Some food trucks bring trash cans while others do not. It’s better to have extra garbage cans and have a team ready to help clean up. Even recycling areas.

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