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Easter is Coming

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Easter is coming, are you looking for ideas to decorate, what to order for your family gatherings?

Have you ever been in such a rush, you knew you forgot to do something, what was it… I know.. it will come to me.

All of a sudden you remember – I forgot to order my pie from Mari-Lyn. oh no.. what am I going to do?

I’ll just tell her someone else brought a pie to our dinner party.  I know this happens, because people tell me later.  

Just ask me for a reminder… you won’t be embarrassed again.


amazing kindness
Matt sent me this card. "Thank you for helping me make my clients feel loved."
Matt Schlegel
Expense Expert

Special Offer for Easter

Get 15% off your order when you order before April 12, 2019.

Use the coupon code EASTER to redeem this offer.


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