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Praise Yourself

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Why am I and writing about praise yourself on the Sedona Pies newsletter? I am calling out all of you who don’t take the time out to be kind to yourself.

I recently was challenged to do a 30 day #Kindness Challenge – I’ve been posting them on my Facebook profile page. The intention for me to do this, was for me to shift back into the Kindness in Business model.

How can this happen?

I know that as a small business owner myself and the people I meet we are wanting to see more kindness everywhere, more than what is being reported. I personally have quit paying attention to the news, it’s just too much.

It reminds me when I used to work as an ED for a non-profit, the negativity was so bad that they lost many supporters and customers. When I took over, they really didn’t tell me everything what was going on there..

There was just a lot of negative gossip, the culture was horrible.  I had a board meeting and a staff meeting and said to all of them, “Well I can’t tell you to quit gossiping, I am going to get to talk about catching someone doing a good thing and share that. Gossip all you want.”

It was interesting as the President of the Board asked me why I didn’t get permission 1st??? I was a little stunned.. I replied that I spoke about it at the last board meeting. Everyone thought that would be a good idea.

You see we don’t need permission to be kind. The biggest challenge is we need to start Praising ourselves. When we do this, we begin to see how much more confidence we begin to have, we feel better and when all this happens you become more grateful and generous.

Here’s the video that I recorded about this topic. Day 8 of the  Kindness Challenge

I encourage you to begin to be kind to yourself.  If you want to follow along with the Kindness Challenge just go to my profile page.

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