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Say Yes!

Say Yes, is one of my favorite things to say – even though I may find too many things on my plate. When I get into the place to say STOP!!The flow stops too!

I was challenged by a couple of people to do a 30 Day Kindness Challenge, as they wanted to support me in pursuing kindness workshops and the message Kindness can have in your business. Many of you don’t know that 19 years ago I had a business called Heart@Work, that was promoting and creating programs about Kindness in workplaces. The pies represent a gift or tool to be kind to others – yourself, your friends and family, co-workers and for community events.

Say Yes Lesson!

Kindness itself is free it’s a great branding opportunity to spread the word about the good things that you may be doing already. The biggest thing about Kindness, most people think it’s just too simple of an action to really make a difference. If you get a chance hop over to my Facebook page or to my Youtube Channel to watch the previous and future videos. Kindness tips.

Saying Yes, helps you to be active, be in the flow whereby more opportunities can come your way. The Silicon Valley Concierges Wine Fest is happening in September at the Mystery Winchester House. I did put my name in a long time ago.. I just saw this and thought YES, I am in. Sometimes the BIG things and little things that come our way leads us to more ideas and solutions.  It was a great experience for me.

Got a birthday or two coming up?

Let me know, as I do have Birthday Boxes of 4 Tarts in a box for individual gifts. Or you can get a dozen and split them up for several other gifts.

Enjoy the video – Let me know how I can help you in sharing your kindness!

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