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Have you heard the news?

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Have you heard the news that the Silicon Valley Concierge Assn, is going to do another Wine & Food Fest? Going to be in September 12, 2019.  At the same location,  to have 1,400 people attend.

One of the things it seems business owners who belong to the Concierge Assn, they want more to promoted. What does this mean for each of us. Are we actively promoting each other or are you just worried about what you are doing for your own business?

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I’m on Alignable it’s a great place for local business owners if you are looking to reach out to more customers. It surprises me of how often people are wanting referrals, yet aren’t willing to do the work to get them. We all turn to digital marketing platforms to spread the word of what we are doing and working on getting customers.

I had the privilege to go to Washington, DC last week to learn about needing a National Privacy Policy that would protect of us in regards to Data and how it is used or shared. Whether you are small business owner in the rural or in the city. We are all using the internet to connect and to advertise for a lot less than the traditional ways of marketing our businesses.

If digital marketing wasn’t available to you anymore, what would you use?”

The same thing that has been used for the last thousand years, the same thing that is still used today. Persuasive words. All digital has really done is make it a little easier to reach people.

You should start a marketing strategy with the fundamentals and use digital marketing as an amplifier. Without digital marking, fundamentally you should still be able to:

  • Network and collaborate with local business owners
  • Use traditional advertising methods (flyers, signs, etc)
  • Direct mailing to add a personal touch
  • Conduct friends and family workshops around your product/service.
  • Build a referral network

These are a few strategies that can be implemented outside of digital marketing efforts. Best bet would be to use the medium where you customers obtain the information … whatever that would be. Be where your customers are.


Digital 🖥 is a great medium for anyone’s business, but you have to make sure you are always using more than one medium to best reach your client base.

If social was taken out of the mix, I would definitely increase my direct mail presence. Use eye 👀 catching graphics and a great call to action to really draw the person. 90% of direct mail 💌 is opened every year, and has become a very special treat for millennials. They do not receive as much mail, and it them creates a “treat” for them when something comes directly for them!


I hope these answers give you some ideas to keep promoting your business and staying engaged with your customers.  If you want to know more about the Privacy Bill, read more about it on Heart@Work

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