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Food Sustainability

What is food sustainability about? I know it’s likely a funny subject on the Sedona Pies website. I thought I would share some other information food related.. there are only so many pies, recipes or sales I can post or want to post about.


There is really good Sustainability Summit that is coming up June 1 to the 7th, some of you may be interested in. If you watch the presenters on line it’s free for the live launch. Then if you want to take advantage of the other offerings that’s up to you. I am posting my affiliate link so you can register.

 Mira Rubin and Scott Bille have created called The Sustainability Now Telesummit and it’s free.

How can we take action and truly step into responsible stewardship of the planet while maintaining a hopeful and life-affirming outlook? Tune in to find out how.

From June 1-7 a dynamic line-up of more than 30 experts from around the globe will share their insights and innovations in the fields of:

~FOOD: From production to preparation
~ENERGY: Alternative & renewables
~HOUSING: Energy efficient & off-grid
~WATER: Purification & conservation
~WASTE: Zero waste living & recycling
~HEALTH: Self-care & medical breakthroughs
~ECONOMICS: Shifting the money paradigm
~CONSCIOUSNESS: Exploring a new way of being

And more…


Food loss and waste is something that everyone, and every organization, can do something to solve. Learn how your office can play a role, just listen to the webinar.

Then I came across this webinar on Cropmobster. Some of you might be interested in subscribing to the newsletter. It’s been around now for awhile, people can post events, or information about farming, food, openings etc. They posted a webinar about a Food Waste Challenge for offices. As you know, food waste is a big problem. If you don’t donate it, you’ll throw it out.


I hope you enjoy this post..Fathers Day is coming up, I’ll post next week a special flavor just for dads.

Until then, blessings,

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