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Do you ask for reviews?

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Do you ask for reviews? Asking for reviews or referrals seem to be a challenge for some businesses, when do I ask? How should I ask?

I always ask for a review after I get a response from the customer once they have said it’s good, they enjoyed it. If they did not, I will ask why not, was there something that I can do to make it right? Some may say something and people are just giving me feedback. That’s great! I personally want people to feel cared for and that they enjoyed their pie or tarts.

Within a week or two I mail them a Thank you card, just to let them know how much I appreciated the person who ordered from Sedona Pies.

If you have received an order from Sedona Pies please leave me a review if you haven’t already. If you didn’t have a great experience, then please tell me so I can make it right with you.

If you aren’t asking for a review or testimonial for your products or services that your customers/clients buy from you, start doing this now. If they didn’t enjoy the product or service then you can rectify the situation before it gets negative or becomes a bad experience. It’s a part of the customers experience/service of working with you and you working with them.  

If you have enjoyed Sedona Pies – please refer us as much as possible. Thank you!

Let’s rise together and help each other out to grow each other and our businesses. If you want to support and share each other, this is great, some of the best ways to do this is to by from each other – support a local small business first. Later when you are ready to order or buy from them, and they aren’t around it’s because we aren’t supporting them with our wallets. I understand that we can’t support everyone financially – if you can’t then, leave them a great review and give them referrals or recommend them for future buys.


Use gossip in a positive affirmation. I created this video about gossiping. Ask your staff to gossip positively about your customers and vendors. You’ll see a vast improvement.

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