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Summer Greetings

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Summer greetings – having a special while ingredients last. It’s a moving fundraiser. Buy any one of these pies, Apple, Peach or Plum the 10″ size. Buy 1 for $31 or Buy 2 or more for $27. each. Gluten free, taxes, shipping or delivery is extra.

Years ago I used to work for a company that offered their product to traditional fundraisers – I figured a way to get into company groups they did Christmas, Birthday parties, sports teams, things the company wasn’t going to pay for. They might chip in something, most often it was up to the employees to come up with the money.

Well, the other day this idea come to me about approaching organizations or employee groups who needed to raise money. Consider adding Sedona Pies to your fundraising list.

My give back this year will be donating to those who are unhoused, who may need money for a deposit or perhaps they are a little short for rent. The housing shortage is great. Most of us are no exception finding ourselves falling into this situation. It just takes a medical bill, losing your job or not finding a place to live within your budget.

I am asking if you would know of a person or organization that needs to raise money for their work activities or a little short on their rent or many other reasons. Maybe even a side gig.

It’s summer, you are still having picnics, birthday celebrations, family gathering, I encourage you to think of Sedona Pies, for your dessert.

At Heart@Work I’ve launch a series of interviews, the topics are all about workplace issues. Leading with Kindness. If you want to check them out, go to

Thanks for taking the time to read my message and introducing me.

Have a great summer!


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