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Why Kindness at Work Matters

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Why kindness at work matters, without kindness you will find many people who are miserable, cranky perhaps they may think that they just aren’t good enough.

People who are critical about themselves will start to bully themselves and others.  I know that’s a strong sentence, every day I hear people tell themselves, that was a stupid thing to say – why didn’t I help that person? You are so incompetent, can’t you do anything right!  Just because you may feel that way doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough.

Certainly in a hospitality business one must show friendliness, kindness on a day to day basis. It’s expected. What do you do with your frustrations?

We tend to beat up on ourselves.

You’ve likely seen the headlines Unappreciative Bosses – lose people in a meaner & tighter job market.  Why haven’t more companies embraced the relationship component in the workplace?  Are you enjoying  rudeness & bad manners?

What will be your wake-up call? 

I experienced mine in 1999, I was a burnt out, emotionally and spiritually bankrupted. for some people they would call this a spiritual awakening. I worked for people that didn’t appreciate me nor did I appreciate me and I was tired of it.

After being in a time out, I began to heal.  Kindness has been my journey to discover, to speak about, to take a look at and to learn how to be more kind to myself. Simple things, like thanking myself for cooking a wonderful meal, taking myself out for a walk, being grateful for my own company and birthing my own passions. Sharing a cup of coffee with friends.

Kindness is the bare-necessity of life.  Like Winnie Pooh would say.

What is Kindness?

(this is an excerpt from my white paper)

It is actually a verb – it is a ‘call to action’. To give generously, as we are all connected – it’s circular, it sticks us together, like glue. Kindness shares an intrinsic value in our relationships to ourselves, our communities; it is what keeps the fabric of goodwill that weaves everyone and everything together. Each thread, whatever the color is, it passes thru to each one of us. It seems every color of thread has a different meaning, a different opportunity to express itself.

Having a business is about relationships that work, includes kindness, after all who provides the service? 

As Barbara Striesand wrote and sang  “People who need people, are the luckiest people.”


Why kindness matters because we spend 3/4s of our time there. If you don’t want your job to suck anymore, I can help you create a happier place that will work for you.


I created this video about Kindness@Work.. enjoy!


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