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Food & Wine Festival 2019

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The Food & Wine Festival 2019 is coming up, Sedona Pies will be in the show again this year, when we did it two years ago, with our friends from Cannella Spirits.

This year they won’t be coming back, they’ve moved to Reno, NV and are in the process of building a distillery there. That’s ok, off to their greater success on their new adventure.

This year now that I know more about it from the last time that I participated in it – boy it would be been nice to have someone work the table with me.  If you are interested in knowing more how you can, let me know.

Secondly, I am offering sponsorships as this year the Silicon Valley Concierge will be selling more than 1,400 tickets to the event. $10.00 a ticket where can one go wrong? You get to sample food and wine from over 100 vendors. Get your tickets.

This year I will be packaging up the samples – *Tarts* as even though it was nice to give away or sample people, people said “it would be been nice to have a card in a package to save for later since there was so much other food there“. And then later they could check me out.  I will be able to speak to more people rather than giving them out like it’s  Halloween.. Trick or Treat!

Let’s have a party! Look forward is seeing you again.

I’m inviting you to participate with me at the Food and Wine Festival – here’s how you can. Give a gift for the gift basket, that will be given away. Help me promote Kindness in each package with a sticker. Call for pricing.  As we can certainly use more kindness in our workplaces and community. If you think of any other ideas, let me know.

Thank you for thinking about Sedona Pies for weddings, other gatherings, birthdays parties, we love to help you to create a memorable event. There was a gal who said, “she called around 4 different places to get a gluten free pie, made vegan for her birthday.” She ordered a peach pie from us, and she said it was the best birthday she  ever had. The pie was perfect and delicious.

Are you on Next-door? In Fremont, Sedona Pies won the Favorite bakery award..

Until next time, Be Kind

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