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Using Sedona Pies, to promote Kindness

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Using Sedona Pies, to promote Kindness was the theme at the Food & Wine Fest last Thursday. Mocha which was Kahula & Peaches also went missing. 

We had several people ask for that flavor, I couldn’t find them.. guess where it went?  Jai & Karen were helping me at the Fest that afternoon, Jai was doing a little networking too, by dropping of the swag bags to the vendors at the event. Mocha and a few other flavors were gone by the time everyone came along.

It was another wonderful event – in a matter of 1.5 hours all 650 samples were gone. There were 1,300 people who attended the event. From my experience doing it a couple of years ago, I decided to put the samples in bags rather than not packaged.. Unfortunately, a couple of people thought I was rude, when I asked them to only take (1). With over 100 vendors there was lots of food and drink to be hand.

I then had an idea to put kindness quotes on the bags and then inserted the samples – tarts. I think I likely had too many choices of flavors to pick from (5) verses, I usually only have (3).

The people I did get to talk to Loved them, they also liked the mission of Sedona Pies. Which is about feeding the hungry. At the end of every year I pick an organization and donate to them. This year of course it’s really about promoting Kindness. It’s so easy to do, yet some people still think that it doesn’t or won’t make a difference. From that afternoon, I saw that it was touching a lot of people’s hearts.

The swag bags, 1,000 of them were painted 3x by me and then I wrote out the quotes. A couple people suggested that I should of just stamped them. Nice idea, it’s a creative vehicle for me to do, to be able to give a heart-felt message. Personally, a stamp wouldn’t have been personal. This is just me.

Do you know what I mean?

I really do want to THANK ALL OF YOU, who could come out. You’ll notice in the picture of how many bags we started with.  We were pulling them out as fast as people were picking them up.

Mari-Lyn has mastered what it is to create flavor, depth of creativity and of course taste in her creations. I’ve been the happy recipient of many of her baked goods and have gifted them as well, to my family and friends. I would say that she’s the best pie maker I’ve ever come across, and is sweet and smart as can be. Run, don’t walk to get her goodies, she’s a gem in her field. ” Micaela Cordoba Conscious Media Communities


Mari-Lyns’ pies are amazing. I live in NYC but order from Sedona Pies in California. That alone should tell you.” Carolyn Radellant – Professional Organizer


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