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A Holiday Slab Pie or a Pen or Cup?

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A holiday slab pie or a pen or cup? It’s a question I’ve been asking others about. They want to receive a pie.  Givers would rather give a pen or cup Why?

When Holiday Slab Pies are a great way to serve your hungry crowd and you don”t even need a pie plate. They are just as easy to make, well maybe for people who love to bake. Better than a pen or cup with someone’s logo on it.

If you deliver a slab pie to your customers, then they’ll appreciate you even more. As Ed says, “That you have taken the time out long enough to think about what your customers would enjoy! Not, what you want to give them. We talked about, people seem to think that pens and cups with your companies logo on them make great gifts. These aren’t truly gifts, it’s advertising.

Ever notice Macy’s or Bloomingdales are always doing a friends and family rate, where you get an additional 20% off,  if you have their store card? Not only are they thinking about getting more sales, they are also thinking about what you would buy, a little personalization.  

I am not sure that giving my customers 20% off,  a friends an family rate really works.  I offered new holiday flavors that are available.. you can find them under shop.  

This is what I am thinking of offering Slab Pies and a Pie Kits – what’s the difference. A slab pie will serve 12 or more people – unbaked or baked.  A Pie Kit is where you can bake it yourself, when you want. What’s cool about this is, you can tell your friends and family that you baked it. No one will know otherwise. You’ll be the star!

When I ship a pie – it’s sent out as a pie kit. People appreciate them better- when it arrives with baking instructions and all the ingredients, they bake it when they want it. Personalization!

Think about when you want something special – what do you think about giving. Do you run to the store and buy ______ and give it or do you stop to think what the other person would enjoy better?

People would rather receive a pie rather than a pen or cup, it’s about giving some personalization to the receiver, not the giver.

What other ways can you be remembered? Just something to think about when you are giving.    check out this article .

**I’ve created a new order sheet in the Google Sheets that you can use to order.

As long as you use this link you can use access it, also if someone wants to add say 6 tarts to their order you’ll be charged $3.00 each, the minimum order is (12) 1 dozen for $33.

Thank you!

P.S. If you want a slab pie, let me know I would be interested to know if it’s something you would like..


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