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Holiday Seasonal Pies 2019

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Holiday Seasonal Pies 2019, a special menu has been created for the holiday season. Some new flavors are being introduced, which I am sure you’ll love.

Where is the pie menu? I can’t find it… do you have this problem? I have you covered it’s listed in a couple of places on the menu bar, also under the Pie Club Membership and you’ll find the pictures and prices in the shopping cart.

Shipping, I was speaking with Loren from ZenPack, yesterday we were chatting about how do I ship out the pies? Learning from trial and error I discovered that shipping out a pie kit, where the person who it is sent to, bakes it at their end. I once tested a whole baked pie to a friend in Florida – not only was it expensive ($75.00) she said “it was upside down and crumbled.” Sending samples to New York, NY, was better as they were smaller easier to contain.

Loren, was saying “Someone asked for cupcakes iced to be shipped with everything intact, including the icing on the cupcakes. He told them it would be very expensive“. To create a custom sized box, packaging like what Apple does or Mary Kay for everything in it’s place would be a minimum of $3,000 just to design it. If you are going to ship anything overseas the larger the order and the longer it takes. Plan ahead if you are shipping. An air shipped package is twice as expensive.

Yes, then you still have to add the ice packs and bubble wrap. Since I discovered what works for me doing the pie kit, the people who receive it, love it! It arrives in great condition, they can bake it when they want it. They get to be the star baker!

If you are considering of shipping a pie kit for the holidays they would be the same for the Postal Services to get sent out to arrive in time for the holidays. Shipping costs are charged according to the distance it is going.

Here’s the PDF Holiday Seasonal Pie flavors that you can order..

Google Sheet menu

Holiday Flavors:

  • Manifesto – Grand Marnier & Pumpkin #6
  • Butter Rum – Rum & Currants #7
  • Joyful Dad – Rum & Raisins #8
  • Mincement – Brandy, (Plums, dates, raisins, apples +) Vegan #9

Great for Employee appreciations, gifts, hosting a tasting party and all the other special occasions in your life.

What I have learned over the past year is that I haven’t been able to break through or get people past the idea of using speciality advertising as gifts. They aren’t, it’s advertising. I don’t know about you, I just don’t appreciate getting a gift from someone with their logo all over it. It feels icky, like that didn’t put any thought into giving.

Showing your appreciation means a lot more to people with something they will enjoy will leave a lasting impression.

Have a great week!

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