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Halloween Healthy Treats for 2019

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Halloween healthy treats, for 2019,  I’ve always enjoyed halloween. I found some treats to make as it’s only  a couple of days away.  Wishing you all a happy and safe one.

I like these marshmallow ones, simply dipped into your favorite candy and chocolate. The Mello oranges made into pumpkins, healthy treats. I also found some rice crispy squares dipped and found some whole strawberries dipped in white or dark chocolate.. The trend seems to be about the eyes.. making them goulash. If you check out Pinterest there are quite a few ideas.


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Of course there are many more recipes that you can find via google. Another one of my favorites is chocolate bark, you spread out chocolate on a pan and sprinkle on our favorite candies. Easily with white chocolate, candy canes and pretzels, only you can do a few of your favorites. For white chocolate, use dried fruits & nuts.

Oh, if you like crafts, my friend Bette has crafts you can make she’s got one for pumpkins. It’s called Bettes Makes.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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