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Delicious Holiday Celebrations

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Delicious Holiday Celebrations cookies always gives you the aroma of warmth, to start making cookies now. And even if it isn’t quite Christmas season yet!

My favorite holiday cookies are “Shortbread cookies,” of course there is Fruitcake and Tarts. It took me a long time to find pre-lined tart shells. Once I did I’ve been making tarts and pies.

In remembrance of my mom, here’s her favorite Shortbread Cookie recipe.
1 c of butter
1/2 c of Icing sugar
1 egg yolk
1 3/4 c of flour
Preheat oven to 325 degrees
Soften butter, stir in sugar, nutmeg and egg yolk. Add a little flour a little at a time. Roll out on a floured board and cut with a cookie cutter. Sprinkle with sparkling decorations. My mom used to put cut cherries on top before baking. Bake for 20 minutes. Yield 3 dozen cookies. I still miss her every Christmas, she’s been gone a long time.

Sometimes they are called Swedish Dream.

My grandma used to make these cookies all the time, Ammonia cookies, tasted like almonds, I have never heard of anyone else baking these since. They are a mild, smooth textured cookie. They don’t taste of ammonia at all, although they give off some fumes while baking. They are made with baker’s ammonia (ammonium carbonate) which used to be sold in drug stores. But I am wondering if anyone knows where to get more. I asked at CVC, the latest behemoth that is driving local druggists out of business, and they, huge as they are, have never heard of baker’s ammonia. The German name for them was herrsehen salz.   Baker’s Ammonia (Ammonium Carbonate)

The recipe, should anyone find the baker’s ammonia, is as follows: 

1 1/2 tsp. crushed ammonium carbonate
3/4 cup sugar  
1/2 cup sour cream  
1/2 cup shortening  
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 egg  
3 cups flour (more or less)

375-400 degrees
6-8 minutes

Mix well the shortening, sour cream, sugar and egg. Add vanilla. Dissolve the crushed ammonium carbonate in 1/8 cup boiling hot sweet cream or top milk. Add this to the batter along with some of your flour. Add remainder of flour needed to make a dough to roll and cut cookies. Frost with powdered sugar frosting, or leave plain. This dough, rolled thicker, can also be used real well for kuchen. Happy Baking–Patsy Ramberg 

Delicious Holiday Celebrations will begin next week, I’ll bring you 30 pies in 30 days

Starting next week, I’m going to write and bake variety of pies for 30 days, getting you ready for Christmas that will carry you to the end of 2019. If you have a pie recipe you want me to write about and test send it on over.

Submit Your Cookie Recipes

If you have a favorite cookie recipe please submit it, and I’ll post it under recipes. A recipe book for our friends and fans would be a wonderful gift. Of course you can still buy my Pie recipe book.. wouldn’t it be great to have a cookie book too?

Just email them to happy at Love to hear from you! If you are on Facebook, drop by Sedona Pies page, like and leave a message.

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