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Have an amazing 2020!

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Have an amazing 2020! Be Kind. Sedona Pies, would like to Thank you for your support through out the years. May you continue to appreciate and uplift each other up.

As 2019 ends, Sedona Pies is taking a hiatus.. even though we have great reviews, people are now talking about us more.. I am finding it a challenge to do everything on my own and the costs of being a custom baker is getting too expensive – which has meant you got the freshest ingredients and baked just for you. It saddens me at this time to deliver this message to you – it’s time to take a break, There is a saying, all good things that are meant to be will come back bigger and stronger.

I wish you the very best.. health, abundance and Love for 2020.

I’ll be switching gears over to Personal Coaching, my focus will be assisting Entrepreneurs to overcome depression and being lonely. Yes, even for myself, at times I have felt lonely. Sure I have many connections a few friends – outside of this I have felt lonely. As an Entrepreneur, most people don’t know what you are going through, the challenges you face.. being positive is good, it’s also important to hang with people that get you. If you know of an Entrepreneur who gets lonely or depressed send them my way. I believe we need more “Hug to Hug Experiences”TM and Heart@Work Experiences, which will help you to become happier, so you too can create an impactful legacy.

I’m offering to pay for your 1st coaching session..book an appointment.

your happiness is my business

Also, if you get a chance, listen to my Podcast Show “Creating an Impactful Legacy,” On Anchor.fm . It’s more geared to serve Leaders, Executives, Managers and Non-Profit managers about workplace culture, productivity and people.

Look forward in meeting you again soon! I’ll still write the news for your enjoyment. Consider in signing up and following Heart@Work.

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