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About the Powerful Anti-CEO Playbook

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About the powerful anti-CEO playbook read about it in the Food Manufacturing magazine, talks about Hamdi Ulukaya, the better rules of operating your business.

It’s a great story about how he got started creating his world famous yogurt company, Chohbani. written by By Dave Fusaro, Editor in Chief

It’s about how businesses need to stand for the people and people in the community not what the business is going to get out of a city, county etc. It’s a great article, I’ll let you read it.

Ulukaya went on to outline four values or secrets he himself has used to turn Chobani into a successful brand not only to its consumers, but to its people. Read more You can watch his Ted talk here as well.

Sedona Pies was originally started to hopefully create a business for employees to create a community. It may still happen at some time in the future. Just need some help to create this.

My question to you is your time is limited, don’t waste your time, talent and let someone else’ thinking or ideas to drown out what you want to offer. Most important it’s about following your heart and intuition to know what kind of business you want to have.

The old rules of doing business is falling all around us, just take a look, as a consumer or customer we can use our dollar to tell businesses what we value and what we are going to buy.

You can read about what my intentions were when I started Sedona Pies.

It’s up to you, if you want to explore this idea or way of doing business. I will be occasionally writing about other organizations related to the food space.

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