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10 Ideas to be happier

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10 Ideas to be happier, this is important, if you aren’t or willing to be or can’t be happier then it’s time to change your mind set, or your environment.

If you aren’t happy then you have to be willing to change your mind about this. Here are 10 ideas that will help you to become happier.

  1. Show compassion by giving a smile away, give a hug, listen, celebrate humanity, have empathy and be nice
  2. Write cards of appreciation – what a difference they make in your life or in the workplace
  3. Be an information hub by sharing resources
  4. Gather like-minded individuals together to facilitate a project – ie. Smile Cards
  5. Do lunch and learns to learn about being happier
  6. Listen to people tell their stories
  7. Be compassionate
  8. Volunteer in something you enjoy
  9. Do team meetings, brainstorm ideas
  10. Be kinder to yourself

Kindness forges meaningful relationships and connects us all. Paying it forward is giving an act big or small to reach out to another person. It’s a gift that we give to each other. The hardest part for most of us is to receive this gift. We need to be willing to receive and give help.

What does happiness mean to you?

Take some time to think about it, are you looking at changing things at work, or is it something for yourself personally. When you get enough sleep, practice forgiveness, love yourself, know that you are lovable, you’ll appreciate yourself, by trusting yourself more. People around you will notice.Β 

I’ve started a Podcast, you can listen to some calls, maybe you can get some ideas. “How to create an impactful legacy“. Do you have a story to share? The topics currently are: kindness, workplace wellness, workplace culture.

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