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Let’s Talk About Pie Trends 2019

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Let’s talk about pie trends 2019. In the early 50’s to 60’s pie’s were a tradition for desserts, come the rise of fresh, frozen pies, to turnovers. 

Then we’ve moved into the 70’s fast food pies like McDonald’s turnovers. In the 80’s is where we began to have more organic, artisan baking..taking a look at what we are eating, and the years are moving along people are recognizing their sensitivities to chemicals, food allergies, corn syrup, fructose sugars…and emulsifiers. Now that we are in 2010 we are asking ourselves why do I want to eat the crap that manufacturer’s put in their food? – specifically pies/desserts.

I am certainly amazed me how many fillers like soy are used. It’s organic? The plant may be – is it really good for us? (Don’t get me started on this one).

Where are we now, in trends for desserts/pies up to 2019.
1. Good for you
2. Nostalgic – retro to the 50’s and 60’s
3. Citrus
4. Coconut
5. Gluten-free

Going from old to new again..falling in love with the trend of comfort foods, indulgent desserts once again are very popular. Yet the pie category emerging is called a “Pizza.” Using a different name for the Pizza to become popular.

Pies are much a cultural history of the American sweet tooth, something Mrs. Cleaver would be proud to serve. Retro desserts are making a comeback, they have been revamped for the sophisticated kitchen of today. Now, we are experimenting with different foods, like “Food Fusion.”

What is Food Fusion?
Fusion cuisine blends the culinary traditions of two or more nations to create innovative and sometimes quite interesting dishes. It tends to be more common in culturally diverse and metropolitan areas, where there is a wider audience for such food. Some of the most well known fusion cuisine combines European and Asian foods.

This is where Sedona Pies is adapting and working with food and beverages that go very well together separately and I am fusing them together. Wine & Berries or Beer & Nuts. This is the creative part for me, seeing the different foods coming together in one dish. They are called Naughty pies. Here’s an example. Oak Creek Beer in a Pecan Pie. Mine tends to be more of a custard texture.

The chart below shows the most popular fruits for pies. I noticed pumpkin has dropped off the list. If you really enjoy pies, support a local maker.  You can read more about the pie trends on this research.

pie trends

As you can see in the chart Apple & Berry pies are still on the top, pumpkin and other seasonal fruits have dropped. It’s still all about what you love and your preferences are.

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