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Ask, Ask and Ask be Empowered

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Ask, Ask and Ask, be Empowered – I’m learning how to do this more and more as the transitions that are happening with Sedona Pies and the baker who is, me.

In the new year of 2020, I believe is bringing changes for many of us, we can either think of them as an adventure or dread.. Positive is better than negative.

If you ask yourself where are you now, how did you get there and what changes you want to make, it will help you to move forward.

I have a great coach who has been guiding me about finding a new place to live after not really making enough money with the pie business. She’s always says “Ask, ask and ask!” Why is asking for oneself so much harder than asking for a business or someone else? I don’t know, it’s about getting the gumption up.

Get out networking, I’ve reached out to more people on LinkedIn, lately about networking.. and of course I have decided to go back into “Employee engagement.” Lead with Kindness in workplaces.

Who needs help right now?

Ask and share it, there are many people who will reach out and help you. Everyone’s transition is different, you may be going through personal or health or life changes. I’ll be here to help you as well.

If you aren’t on LinkedIn, I would suggest that you brush up your profile reach out and connect with me there too!

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