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Ways to Support You 2020

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Ways to support you 2020, has been on my mind for awhile. Since Sedona Pies, is paused, I’m inviting you to share your desserts by blogging here.

Thank you for your kindness and friendship through the years..

Everyone is in transition, we are becoming more concerned with a lot of issues, yet in some aspects we are burned out or just exhausted about the stuff that is going on around the world.

I have to say, I’ve just been focused on how to support myself, studying learning more about myself, learning Hypnotherapy and how it can bring about more kindness in the world.  

You can read more topics about this at the Heart@Work website. And then, when I knew Sedona Pies was going to slow down, I launched a Podcast series about “Creating an impactful legacy.” This is where I’ve been spending my time, finding it challenging to create content for both sites.. This is why I am only been publishing maybe 2x a month not weekly.

To keep Sedona Pies alive, is to create a magazine type theme, inviting you to contribute to it.  This would include pictures of pies and other images of desserts. If you would like to submit an article/blog post please just reach out to me. It need to be about 500 words, your bio, a head shot, social media links and an image for the post. 

Many of my fans, still want me to make pies.. truthfully right now, I really need to support myself financially. I still would like to help you to express yourself or share your hobby of making desserts.

You’ll see a shift of what the site will look like in a few months, I encourage you to share your delicious recipes, images, perhaps this will support you in 2020, I’m feeling this would be fun!

Let me know what you would like to see here, visit recipe section called   Delicious Recipes


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