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Food Service Resources to Kickstart 2020

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Food Service Resources to Kickstart 2020, there are in several publications, just want to send them out to you, in case you don’t know about them all.

I’m tired of hearing about how we are supposed to pull together, we all may have more time, just don’t know where to start. For the food service workers and owners. Financial help, I hope the resources I post here, provide some relieve.

If you need to get help for food – apply for CalFresh, there is a wait time, you just have to submit your paystubs, you’ll have a phone interview.. go from there.

Food bank and of course they are looking for volunteers, most of them have been 60+ and since they are in the high risk scale, the food bank is looking for younger volunteers. I was speaking with a Chef and restaurant owner, he said they are volunteering at the food banks and pantries.. they have lost 75% of their volunteer base

Also is seeking blood – if you got it, please give. You’ll have to make an appointment as they are honoring the 5 ft rule, expect an appointment 2 weeks later.

I really am enjoying reading The Penny Hoarder, it’s a newsletter full of financial support and resources.

Of course, support your small local business as much as you can. Even if it’s dropping by for a visit to give them encouragement, when you order your food. They all very much appreciate it! I’m surprised of how many people seem to think, supporting a chain is a small local business!!

Now is the time to update your website, create a new strategy for marketing your business be may not be able to sell, you can still share stories, customer reviews etc. Speaking of reviews, if you aren’t on Google my business – get on it. It’s free and you can post weekly, fresh content. Maybe you just help promote a business you know could use some help. I hope you’ll take advantage of my offer.

Take this time, to get rest and sleep, de-clutter, volunteer, brush up your social skills, take a class or two online. Join virtual happy hours. Watch my podcast about “Creating an impactful legacy.” The topics are about workplace wellness, kindness, how to’s.. hop over to Subscribe on

While I am saying this, if you want to write a blog post, Sedona Pies is open for your content.. or recipes.. Please write 600 words, send an image and your bio. I’ll insert it on the blog. I’ll also post it on Google my business.

Recipes, there are a few you can look at, if you want pie recipes check out this page.

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