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Are you struggling?

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Do you feel you are struggling emotionally right now? Do you feel life has been a challenge? You feel stressful, a strain, battle; just a hassle.

During the time of being sheltered at home, it’s either been a great time to rest, do things you haven’t been able to do for a long time, like hobbies or catch up with courses you wanted to take etc.. Use the time like a retreat.. and not worry about getting everything done right now. OR?

No deadlines, unless you are still working at home..

I would like to offer you some help in getting what you want, by discovering your unhelpful beliefs.

So you can be able to move forward, plan to get ready to expand. Whether we go back to work as it was before the Virus or whether you have decided to do something else. Help make you smile and be happy.

Happy Easter!

what makes you smile

In December, I started to transition over to becoming a Happiness Coach, I’ve been taking courses on CBT Counseling and Hypnotherapy.. I’ve done quite a few practice sessions and offering my services to you if you feel you would like some help on a emotional and spiritual level.

Back to giving up struggling – What problem or beliefs do you have are holding you back? What is it about yourself that it’s creating a problem for you?

I’m offering Hypnotherapy sessions, to help you to become happier. If at all you are interested, please use my booking agent.

https://booking.appointy.com/heartatwork – she won’t ask you any personal information. Please note you will be booking time with me, in PST. Pacific time. I am in California.

Started business coaching in the early 1995 + for solo Entrepreneurs, in the areas of marketing & sales. You can read more about me on Heart@Work.

Here’s a testimonial for your consideration.

My education is in physics, and I’ve worked as a technical professional for many years, so I tend to rely heavily on fact, logic and reason. Unfortunately that sometimes makes it difficult for me to tap into my intuition. There are many things that science can not yet fully explain, but that are known to be true. The power of our minds to impact our reality is one of them. Mari-Lyn’s hypnotherapy session was a powerful way to ‘reset’ my brain. She helped me question unexamined assumptions and beliefs, and this has enabled me to make better choices in my life.” – Kimberly Wiefling, Author, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Coach

I also started a Podcast called “Creating an Impactful Legacy.” which offers some insights, suggestions and ideas for Entrepreneurs and non-profit executives, around the topics of workplace wellness, kindness, leadership. If you would like to listen to a few calls.. check out

Kind regards,

Mari-Lyn Harris

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