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Ready to make a pie?

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Ready to make a pie? Want some creative expression while you are home, revisiting my videos’ about making the pastry. Sign up for a pie making class.

What I have found sometimes someone can just remind you about something you did years ago and they want you to keep going with it, even though I forgot about it or given up hope on how it’s going to work? Thought I would share a couple of older videos.

The 1st video is learning how to make pastry – the picture is of peach crumble tarts. Sign up for a pie making class..

Magic Pie Pastry

This is our commercial that was made for Sedona Pies…

Enjoy your day! Have fun…

If you are interested in signing up for a pie making class.., review this page let me know. Just shoot an email over to me or send your questions.

Watch the other videos‘, it’s a playlist..of some older videos.. be sure to watch the directors cuts.

Have an incredible day!

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