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Got your favorite recipes?

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Got your favorite recipes? Are they handy? Do you have a recipe book with all of them, that are easily available? It’s time to create a recipe book, join me.

All my belongs have been in storage and I got into baking – well what happen was a friend of mine wanted to do some random acts of kindness. She wanted to give grads $20. and I suggested that we do some baking. You know using someone else recipe books wasn’t cutting it for me. I found my recipe books and I’m going to write my own book, I don’t need the whole book, just my fav’s.

We are still planning another baking exchange for a random act of kindness delivery.

When I started Sedona Pies, I created a Pie recipe book just to prove my recipes were mine. A Copy-write. A few friends sent over their fav pie recipe as well. Perhaps I should sell it..

Another project to do, gearing down making masks – just been volunteering my time we’ve made about 300 of them. We’ve been just giving them away since people have been giving us the fabric. They are washable and we are just having fun.

What have you been up to?

For those of you who need different strategies in the workplace for your teams, developing a workplace culture even if you aren’t physically working together. As you know another one of my purpose and passion is Kindness. I’ve created a Kindness Matters Conference. , to help those who are creating a value-based business. This is what is going to help us, to get through our current challenges right now. Whether it’s the Corvid virus, the uprising of Black Lives Matter, or figuring out how we can get more sales.

The conference is coming up soon, I do hope you will consider attending. Got a great program planned out, including some networking, Q&A from the professionals who are presenting. July 14-16th, 2020.

Tickets are set up so that the 1st – 50 are based by pay what you want, the next 50 are $50 and the rest will be $95. You can get signed up on the ticket page.

Is there anyone you would like to recommend to speak or do a mini -workshop? There are a couple of openings still, other wise it’s still a great program.

50% of the ticket sales will be donated to World Central Kitchen and National Mental Health, still considering another one.

Your happiness is my business” – Chief Happiness Officer – if there is anything that I can assist you in please let me know. T: 510-320-8332.

Until next time, be well, stay well.

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