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The Power of Kindness

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The power of kindness, people learned about the different ways on how Kindness can make a big difference in businesses at the Kindness Matters conference.

Olivia McIvor said, “That she is tired of defending of how kindness can make the difference in business.” When I was baking and selling pies, I would find different ways to spread the message about kindness. It’s amazing how people love to experience it and yet, trying it out themselves seem to be too difficult.

It’s really not, and it’s not just the Random Acts of Kindness, that I am writing about. We all can be challenged to communicate in a more conscious way. Thinking about how respond back to people. Quite often is just asking yourself when you are communicating with someone to ask:

  1. Is it truthful 2. Is it necessary? 3. Is it Kind?

Did you know that only 30% of employees are engaged at work? Only 21% display or communicate with empathy. Kindness can solve all this. Vanessa, a young woman who was giving a talk, of all the stat’s from her research, I was thinking after all these years (18 years ago) nothing has changed it’s only gotten worse..

The good news is there is always hope, and be willing to try something new – like Kindness.

In our challenging times that are still happening, we can reach out and still help people our community. As a business we can still promote our businesses, do a show & tell how your business is using kindness, how you are making a difference. The kitchen where I used to bake, Ramez said “They are doing pretty good just doing pick-up and delivery through the Corvid virus.”

Every week I find a local business that I can support by buying from them. I hope you are too, if not that at lease collaborate in supporting each other.

From the conference we donated to World Central Kitchen and Nerds Rule Inc. Jose as you know feeds people and also buys from restaurants and cooks for people. Nerds Rule, Dr. Tristica, has an incredible program for youth, so they become Ambassadors in their communities.

If you want to explore on how you can implement the Power of Kindness in your business, love to assist you.

Sedona pies –Why kindness matters at work

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We are planning a Global Kindness Cruise – traveling Nov 2022. Add your name to the list, we’ll keep you updated.


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